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LADIES: 5 Office Attire Faux-Pas!


If you are ever hesitating about your work attire, chances are, you probably shouldn't wear it in the office. Depending on your line of work, there may be more leniencies (especially on Fridays).

summer office attire

Spot the faux-pas in the photo above?

Clothing that works well for the beach, yard work and bar nights may not be appropriate for a professional appearance at work. For tips on wedding appropriate attire, check out  What to Wear to a Summer Wedding.

Here are 6 office attire faux-pas, ladies:

No flip-flops, Jazzy thong sandals and “sexy” shoes

Sure flip-flops and thong sandals are lovely, comfortable and allow your feet to breath – but they are not professional in an office environment. Consider wearing a cute pair of flats or semi-closed sandals instead.

Four-inch stiletto heels/strappy heels may look great during a night on the town, but they do not belong in the office. Plus, they are uncomfortable to wear all day long and put unnecessary strain on your knees.

No sleeveless shirts/spaghetti straps

Some offices will allow you to wear these, but make sure they are still conservative in other ways. To be safe, choose tops that keep your shoulders and upper arms covered.

A camisole will work beneath a blazer or blouse, but do not remove them as this is very inappropriate (for any office setting). If you want to wear a camisole and stay cool, consider pairing it with a collared t-shirt blouse.

Dresses for the Office

No low-cut shirts

This one is self-explanatory. Showing cleavage in the office is inappropriate in all instances, and should be avoided. As long as the majority of your chest is covered, you can still wear your favourite v-neck blouses and scoop-necks. 

No bear legs

If you choose to wear a knee-length skirt or dress, wear nylon stockings. In order to look professional in an office, you should keep them covered with a skin-tone pair of nylon stockings.

Idea: Want to freshen up the office with a new look? Try wearing a dress! Many dresses are considered work appropriate, especially for businesses with casual dress codes. Try and look for simple A-line dresses (knee-length and conservative neckline). 

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